EP 006: Dynamic Conversations - Things to Do in Bali, Growth, Mindset, Community, Traveling, and Much More!

Bali is one of those places where I stayed on and off for months over the last years during the winter. 

It’s an awesome island, as many people will tell you, for many reasons: the food, the weather, the events, and of course, the interesting and lovely people you’ll come to meet.

Over the years I have truly met hundreds of incredible people there and some that have even become dear friends of mine.

One of those is our guests for this Dynamic Conversation, Kasyfi Reynold Jr.

Kasyfi, originally from Jakarta, decided 3 years ago to move to Bali after he finished university.

His first job there was nothing less but to be the community and event manager in the very popular coworking place Hubud in Ubud, Bali (sadly, since Corona they had to close their doors).

It is where I had the pleasure of running into him warmly welcoming me as I walked into Hubud for the first time some years ago.

Since Hubud had to close its doors he’s been working fulltime as the community manager for Slash, a company that builds remote, autonomous teams to help innovators develop software, products, and hi-tech startups.

All in all, Kasyfi is an interesting, smart, fun, positive, and energetic person who has over the years organized more than 700 events and workshops for entrepreneurs and remote workers. 

You could say, he’s quite the expert at it.

(If you want someone to organize an event or run a community, he is your man).

It had been a while since we last spoke, so it was an absolute blast to catch up in this dynamic conversation where we talk about our top 3 recommendations of things to do in Bali, growth, mindset, community, how to organize a successful event, traveling, and so much more.

I hope that you too will enjoy this dynamic conversation with the one and only Kasyfi Reynold Jr.

Ps: If you ever need an event manager to organize a music festival for you, contact Kasyfi! It would be a dream come true for him.

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  • SLASH (Slash is a Venture Studio. We build remote, autonomous teams to help innovators develop software, products & startups)
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