EP 005: Dynamic Conversations – The Flow State, Meditation, Victim Mentality, and Much More!

And here she is again, Asja Caspari, for a second round on Dynamic Conversations—the podcast where I chat with friends of mine about various topics.

Asja Caspari is a talented fashion and portrait photographer based in Hamburg, Germany, who has worked with major clients such as Google, Audi, Rowohlt Verlag, and many more. 

Asja has seen her work published in numerous German magazines and showcased in various exhibitions.

This is all to say that she is a great photographer.

In this conversation, I chat with Asja about how she makes her models feel good, calm, and confident during photoshoots; what is the Flow State; how to not get discouraged when you first become self-employed; meditation; the victim mentality; whether or not to use your phone immediately upon waking in the morning or right before going to bed; and many more topics brought up in our conversation.

If you’d like to connect with Asja, check her out on her Instagram page or visit her website. If you would like to listen to or watch our first previous conversation, you can find it by clicking ‘here’.

With that, I hope you will enjoy this dynamic conversation between Asja Caspari and me.

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  • Chronicles of Narnia (The Chronicles of Narnia has captivated readers of all ages for over sixty years, enchanting them with fantastical talking creatures, epic battles between good and evil, and magical doorways into new lands.)
  • I Will Teach You to Be Rich, Second Edition: No Guilt. No Excuses. No BS. Just a 6-Week Program That Works (Personal finance expert Ramit Sethi has been called a “wealth wizard” by Forbes and the “new guru on the block” by Fortune. Now he’s updated and expanded his modern money classic for a new age, delivering a simple, powerful, no-BS 6-week program that just works.)
  • Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience (sychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s famous investigations of “optimal experience” have revealed that what makes an experience genuinely satisfying is a state of consciousness called flow.)
  • Awareness: The Perils and Opportunities of Reality (The heart of Anthony de Mello’s bestselling spiritual message is awareness. Mixing Christian spirituality, Buddhist parables, Hindu breathing exercises, and psychological insight, de Mello’s words of hope come together in Awareness in a grand synthesis.)
  • Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind (ne hundred thousand years ago, at least six different species of humans inhabited Earth. Yet today there is only one—homo sapiens. What happened to the others? And what may happen to us?)
  • Deep Work (Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World) (Deep work is the ability to focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding task. It’s a skill that allows you to quickly master complicated information and produce better results in less time.)
  • Dune (Set on the desert planet Arrakis, Dune is the story of the boy Paul Atreides, heir to a noble family tasked with ruling an inhospitable world where the only thing of value is the “spice” melange, a drug capable of extending life and enhancing consciousness. Coveted across the known universe, melange is a prize worth killing for….)
  • Farseer Trilogy (Young Fitz is the bastard son of the noble Prince Chivalry, raised in the shadow of the royal court by his father’s gruff stableman. He is treated as an outcast by all the royalty except the devious King Shrewd, who has him secretly tutored in the arts of the assassin. For in Fitz’s blood runs the magic Skill—and the darker knowledge of a child raised with the stable hounds and rejected by his family.)
  • The Golden Compass (These thrilling adventures tell the story of Lyra and Will—two ordinary children on a perilous journey through shimmering haunted otherworlds. They will meet witches and armored bears, fallen angels and soul-eating specters. And in the end, the fate of both the living—and the dead—will rely on them.)
  • Mistborn Trilogy (For a thousand years since, the world has been a wasteland of ash and mist ruled by the immortal emperor known as the Lord Ruler. Every revolt has failed miserably. Yet somehow, hope survives and a new kind of uprising is being planned-one that depends on the cunning of a brilliant criminal mastermind and the determination of an unlikely heroine: a teenage street urchin named Vin.)
  • Harry Potter (Harry Potter has no idea how famous he is. That’s because he’s being raised by his miserable aunt and uncle who are terrified Harry will learn that he’s really a wizard, just as his parents were.)
  • Way of the Peaceful Warrior (When Dan Millman was a young man, he expected that hard work would eventually bring a life of comfort, wisdom, and happiness. Yet, despite his many successes, he was haunted by the feeling that something was missing.)
  • Headspace (Headspace is an English-American online healthcare company, specializing in meditation. It was incorporated in May 2010 in London, England, by Andy Puddicombe and Richard Pierson. It is headquartered in Santa Monica, California, with offices in San Francisco and London)
  • CBD (Cannabidiol is a phytocannabinoid discovered in 1940. It is one of 113 identified cannabinoids in cannabis plants and accounts for up to 40% of the plant’s extract)
  • Waking Up (Combining guided meditation and mindfulness techniques with practical wisdom, Waking Up is a guide to understanding the mind. Discover mindfulness techniques and meditate daily with Sam Harris—neuroscientist, philosopher, and best-selling author—and explore the theory behind meditation, from understanding anxiety to gaining awareness of oneself.)
  • Calm (Calm is the #1 app for sleep and meditation. Join the millions experiencing better sleep, lower stress, and less anxiety.)
  • Citizen Circle (Would you like to take your life back into your hands by working independently and independently? We’ll help you!)
  • Wifitribe.co (We’re a curious bunch, passionate about life, and deeply motivated to grow, learn, and accomplish our dreams. But we also believe that the world is just too beautiful to live it all in one place. We call the world ‘home’, because home is where we feel we belong. For us, home is a tribe of freedom-loving misfits who embark on a journey together. It’s here, where we can truly be ourselves.)
  • Naval Ravikant (Naval Ravikant is an Indian-American entrepreneur and investor. He is the co-founder, chairman and former CEO of AngelList.)
  • Tim Ferriss (Timothy Ferriss is an American entrepreneur, investor, author, and podcaster.)
  • Carl Newport (Calvin C. Newport is Provost’s Distinguished Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Georgetown University and the author of six self-improvement books. He writes the Study Hacks blog, which is focused on academic and career success.)
  • Sam Harriss (Samuel Benjamin Harris is an American author, philosopher, neuroscientist, and podcast host. His work touches on a wide range of topics, including rationality, religion, ethics, free will, neuroscience, meditation, psychedelics, philosophy of mind, politics, terrorism, and artificial intelligence.)
  • Joshua Waitzkin (Joshua Waitzkin is an American chess player, martial arts competitor, and author. As a child, he was recognized as a prodigy, and won the U.S. Junior Chess championship in 1993 and 1994. The film Searching for Bobby Fischer is based on his early life.) 
  • Brandon Sanderson (Brandon Sanderson is an American author of epic fantasy and science fiction. He is best known for the Cosmere fictional universe, in which most of his fantasy novels, most notably the Mistborn series and The Stormlight Archive, are set.)
  • Robin Hobb (Margaret Astrid Lindholm Ogden, better known by her pen names Robin Hobb and Megan Lindholm, is an American writer. She has written five series set in the Realm of the Elderlings, which started in 1995 with the publication of Assassin’s Apprentice and ended with Assassin’s Fate in 2017.)

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