How to Create a Killer Product, Course, Business, etc.

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I currently have one of the highest ranked photography courses on Udemy among hundreds and hundreds of others and it is only 3 months old. 

If my course keeps getting more students, it will soon overtake every other photography course and take first place. 

How did I do this? 

Well, of course, my incredible charms and my beautiful smile certainly helped, but it is also because I created my course with something in mind.

There are three secret ingredients, well okay, they are not really “secret”, but they are more often than not ignored by people when they create something of their own.

But these three ingredients, when you do bear them in mind while creating a product, course, business, etc., will mean you will be in for the kill.

Let me reveal them by explaining in detail how I went about creating my course.

What I did first was to go to the 3 best online creative education platforms: CreativeLiveUdemy and Skillshare and signed myself up to the best and highest ranked photography course that each platform had to offer. 

On each course I paid extremely close attention to everything that was being said, shown and taught, taking notes of everything that I really loved about the course and everything that I didn’t, or thought could have been done better. 

THAT right there, are the two first “secret” ingredients.

When creating something, you do not have to go and reinvent the wheel all over again. Instead see what other top businesses, products, courses, etc. are already doing and separate out everything that you like from everything that you don’t like.

From that, you have a structure, something to build on, and a sense of direction that you can use to start defining and creating your own course, your own product or service. 

Apply everything they did (in your own way of course) and address everything they didn’t do right or didn’t give enough care or attention to.

Now, by doing this you will have a good product, business, course on your hands. However, to make it great, to make it unique, something that will really stand out, something else comes in play.  

The final ingredient.

This is the ingredient that requires you to look within yourself. 

To make whatever you are making great you need to put in it the very same thing that makes you as a person great. 

Your uniqueness – your personality. You need to put a part of “you” into your creation. 

Because boy, if this is missing, your business, your course, your product etc. will lack that extra special touch, the cherry on the cake that will really make it stand out from the rest.

Let me make it a little clearer, and give you an example. I love humor and I love to get into very deep conversations about life lessons. 

So, I put both of those two things into my photography course. I made jokes here and there throughout the lectures, whilst I also based a couple of lectures around my philosophy on photography – what It showed me and what it can show others about life and the world we live in.

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Table of Contents

THAT right there is what made the difference, and what separated me from all of the other courses. 

You need to look for that thing that defines you, that makes you different, makes you special and then use that special ingredient – your special ingredient, to make your creation equally special. 

By doing this, whatever it is you have made can’t fail to stand out, and raise itself up from the rest of the crowd.

If you want to make something that isn’t just OK, isn’t mediocre, run of the mill, but something that is exceptional – and successful – this is vital. 

You need to put your own personality in there; there must be something real of you in it. Will everyone think I am funny? No, of course not.

Will everyone be interested in my philosophy and what photography can teach them about life? 

No way. 

I will not attract everyone with this course, but the people who I do attract will absolutely love it as it is in line with who they are – and those are exactly the people that I want on board. 

They are the ones who will tell their friends and family about the course, and leave good comments. Those are my true fans who will stick with me until the end.

I apply those three ingredients to almost everything that I create. My recent podcast – The IPS Podcast – for example, has been created using those exact ingredients. 

I took out what I liked from other top podcasts, I wrote down what I didn’t like and changed them, and I placed my own personality in there.

This right here, those three ingredients can be applied to ANYTHING. It’s the ultimate fusion to create an outstanding creation that will put you in a position to truly shine with a strong and unique light.

Try applying them yourself! You’ll see.