How I Became so “Lucky” to Do What I Do

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The amount of times I have heard someone say “ohh you are so lucky to do what you are doing in life” is just damn ridiculous. 


I used to reply in a tone that bordered on anger. How?! By working my freaking ass off? Seriously? You have no idea you kind sir or pretty lady, you just have no idea. 

But I have shifted my answer around on this. 

Whenever someone tells me that now, I simply tell them “Sure, yes I am lucky. I am lucky that I was born with the capability to discipline myself to sit down every day, from morning until late evening, for 14 hours, every day, every weekend, every vacation… to do the work that needed to be done to build the life that I wanted

I am lucky that I was born in a country where the internet exists (and works well), I have a roof over my head, have fresh running water and I didn’t have to go out and hunt for my food. 

I am lucky yes. 

I then raise my glass of (preferably the most expensive) red wine, take a generous sip from it while I lay my arms around the chair as if I am the master of the whole world, and look them in the eyes with the most ridiculous look on my face. 

I am lucky, absolutely. 

But so are you.

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Table of Contents

However, this is where the confusion comes in. I am not lucky in the way people seem to think I am, in that everything I have built up and achieved has been given to me with zero amount of effort.

No, the magic mailman didn’t come flying by one day delivering me the special package with all the necessary skills, wisdom and experiences needed to do what I do.

No, he did not pass by my house…. 

It hurts when people call me lucky, and not in the way that it hurts my feelings, but it hurts because I feel sorry for them. 

People that I care about have called me lucky, strangers who have become friends have called me lucky, and it hurts each time anew whenever someone tells me this.

Because they just don’t get it.

They are putting their faith in completely the wrong set of ideals, and as long as they do that, they will never achieve those things in life that they want. 

Because what they are saying is that all it takes is luck and as long as you believe that they will never see the real answers or understand the efforts that it takes to become “lucky”.

It’s always the achievements of people we see isn’t it? We always see their successes, the finished projects, their results, their medals… We don’t very often tune in to the journey they took.

But if you do want to know what it really takes to become “lucky” then start looking at the journey famous or successful people took before they became the person you see today and you’ll come to see the patterns that leads to success.

Luck might play a small part in some people’s lives at some point, however that isn’t what strong companies, strong people, strong beliefs and strong dreams are built or survive on. 

Hard work on the other hand… yes, that’s where the real stories start.