Why Creative People Should Never Forget to Shower

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Why creative people should you never forget to shower? 

Well, er, I guess to not look too dirty after a while…? Very true. But, there is another reason, and why I sometimes shower about 3 times a day.

For all the great thinkers and creatives out there, here is why you should never forget to take a warm shower, every day. 

Despite what you may hear, creative ideas don’t just come about randomly. They are triggered because of a couple of factors. Science (yay science!) has shown that warm showers create some of the best triggers around. 

Here they are:

Warm showers release a lot of dopamine inside our brain. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is found throughout the human body. It acts as a chemical messenger to affect movement, emotions and the ability to experience both pleasure and pain. Dopamine is also triggered by exercising and listening to music. So yes, it makes sense that when you’re listening to music or playing sport, some of your best and brightest ideas come popping up.It’s one of the reasons I listen to instrumental piano or guitar songs when I am working, or use an application such as Noisli for background noise. And it’s another reason for me to go and do some exercise.

Relaxation. Yep, it’s another trigger. You can’t deny it, it’s pretty damn relaxing standing in a warm shower isn’t it? For many people, showers are also the time of the day for some peaceful me time. That combination is the perfect treat for a relaxed state of mind. And when we have a relaxed state of mind we are more likely to turn our attention inwards, enabling us to make insightful connections.

The last reason why warm showers give us some of the most creative moments is because they bring distraction from what we were doing or thinking about before. And that allows our brain to roam. It gives our brains a break, so our subconscious can work on a problem more creatively. And this leads us to another important point. You shouldn’t make your shower time the go to place because you want a creative idea to pop into your head. No. Don’t think of your shower as a time to tick off a list of tasks. Instead, let it be that moment in the day for you to zone out and to simply enjoy that time alone, in your hot and steamy shower. Those creative ideas – they will come.

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Table of Contents

Ohh, and while you’re in there, why not end your shower with a cold shower. Why in the world would you do that you ask? No, it won’t give you any more creative ideas. I mean, you never know of course…

However, health benefits on the other hand… Yes, that’s correct; cold showers bring some of the most amazing health benefits to our body. 

Just to name a few, cold showers relieve depression, keep your skin and hair healthy, strengthen your immune system, increase testosterone, improve blood circulation, increase energy and well-being… and many many more. 

But, there will be a whole lot more about cold showers in another article!