Hawaii – Land of Surf and Sunshine

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Its two weeks now since I worked in and traveled around Hawaii, and did shoots with some great companies. 

Take a look at their tours if you are planning on going to Hawaii. I’m not obliged to recommend them at all, but want to simply because they are great companies, offering some superb experiences.

The overall experience they gave everyone on the tour, and the time I spent working with them, meeting the team members and seeing behind the scenes makes me definitely feel they should be listed here.

One thing I very much came to realize again during this trip was the appreciation of the daily luxuries we have in our everyday lives. 

Me and my buddy Marvin were camping while we worked and traveled around the islands, sleeping in the open air with no tent. 

With the weather what it is in Hawaii, sleeping in the open air is perfectly fine (apart from a few rainy days and nights!), and with our mats and sleeping bags we made the beach, parks, the airport and the car our hotel room for 10 days. 

The downside of this was no shower for 4 days and not being able to wash our clothes for 10 days. Oh, and eating pretty bad food, as that was way cheaper.

This is one of the many great things about traveling – learning to miss these daily luxuries we are so used to and take for granted. Having a shower every day; sleeping in a bed every night; eating good food and wearing freshly washed clothes every day.

I love to be reminded of these as it is all too easy to forget. It’s so easy to forget to appreciate that which we have every day. 

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Table of Contents

And when you do remember, when you do realize just how lucky we are, it makes you damn happy with what you do have, knowing that there are many people who don’t have it, and in all likelihood will never have it. 

Only when you lose something – even temporarily – do you appreciate what you had. This doesn’t just go for the everyday luxuries, but with everything.

It’s good to travel and be transported away from everything for a while. Backpacking for a long time is a very good way of learning to appreciate just how much you have.

I wrote an article on The IPS Project covering this subject, and it was my time in Hawaii that inspired me to write it. Have a read -I think it’s a great little article.

Anyhow, time to share the vlog and some of the photos taken in Hawaii! It really is a beautiful place to visit, with each island having its own kind of theme, its own personality in a way. 

Every island has spectacular scenery and landscapes, the people are very friendly, and everything has a lovely relaxed and laid back feel to it. 

Oh, and all the cars have rainbows on their number plates. Surely you don’t need any more reasons to go?…